Patient Testimonials

Health Monitor Patient Guide to ITP
“I don’t usually see very much reading/information materials about ITP and today when I did, it made my heart smile and I got so excited that they had something about my disease sitting there to inform others and those with ITP! Thank you again for all you do for the ITP community!” 
Submitted by an ITP patient from Atlanta, GA, who saw the
“Health Monitor Patient Guide to ITP” in her hematologist’s office
Health Monitor At Home
“I have been getting your Health Monitor At Home by compliments of [my doctor] . . . I love the educating words of wisdom I get from it. Keep it coming, please. Thank you all at Health Monitor Network.”
Russell L., Bishopville, SC
Health Monitor Magazine
“I really enjoy receiving the “Health Monitor” magazine . . . I really enjoy the articles that you cover. I’m 68 years of age with diabetes and a heart condition. I had two heart attacks back to back, two years ago. I have two stents and now am doing great. Keep up the good work.”
Jackie S., Greensboro, NC

Physician Testimonials

HIV Condition Guide and Poster Program
“Very popular program with my HIV patients. Please send 150 more copies of your guide!”
Submitted via an independent survey by
Dr. Francis P., an infectious disease physician in Honolulu, HI
Arthritis Health Monitor TV
“… Arthritis Health Monitor TV is the only network that has been endorsed by the CSRO (Coalition of State Rheumatology Organizations).… the installation process is simple…’’
Submitted by Gregory S., MD, a rheumatologist/AHM TV customer in North Carolina

Celebrity Cover Testimonials

Arthritis Health Monitor magazine
“She’s been absolutely thrilled with it… I haven’t heard her rave about one of these in a very long time!  Now all her friends and family are clamoring for copies too. Can you please send more!”
Submitted by Cheryl Ladd’s publicist, our April/May Arthritis Health Monitor cover celebrity
Arthritis Health Monitor magazine
Olympic swimmer Dara Torres gave her cover of Arthritis Health Monitor (June/July) the thumbs-up by posting it on her Facebook page “If you’re in a health facility any time soon, look out for my Arthritis Health Monitor Magazine cover!” Nearly 46,000 “likes” and increasing daily.