Health Monitor Network Celebrates 30 Years

Montvale, NJ – August 7, 2014 – Health Monitor Network recently celebrated its 30th anniversary as the nation’s leading direct-to-patient company. This monumental event was celebrated in style as employees paid tribute to the company’s founding decade by donning 80s attire and traveling back in time to look at Health Monitor’s achievements over the past 30 years. 

The party began in the 80s room where employees reminisced over their favorite pop-culture trends, including the Rubik’s Cube, Polaroid cameras, and anything and everything neon. Displayed were many of the first Health Monitor magazines ever published, including Data Centrum and Today in Medicine.

The festivities continued into the 90s room where partygoers recounted their favorite Sopranos episodes and remembered the infamous OJ Simpson trial.  The 90s was also the decade that Health Monitor Network launched its first website and newsletters.  

Moving forward into the 2000s, Health Monitor employees listened to the best of Pearl Jam and discussed the world prior to smartphones. The 2000s mark the greatest period of growth to date for Health Monitor as its network now reaches over 40 million patients through 120,000 medical offices, more than 360,000 physicians and in 2 million patients’ homes.  The company also launched its waiting-room digital screen network, super center websites, custom tablet programs and mobile apps.

Over lunch, Eric Jensen, CEO, and Ken Freirich, President, addressed the room by telling the history of Health Monitor Network and expressing their appreciation for the employees who have helped make the company what it is today and enable it to grow well into the future. 

Health Monitor Network is proud of all of its success in the direct-to-patient industry and looks forward to another 30 years of producing the high-quality products that patients, healthcare professionals and product-managers have come to know and trust. 

About Health Monitor Network

Health Monitor Network is the leading direct-to-patient company whose mission is to facilitate an effective dialogue between patients and their healthcare professionals. The company’s extensive marketing platform of print, digital and mobile products reaches more than 40 million patients through 120,000 medical offices, 360,000+ healthcare professionals, and in 2 million patients’ homes. Health Monitor Network has developed long-standing partnerships and alliances with over 40 healthcare associations, societies and advocacy groups, making them a trusted partner in the direct-to-patient category.

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